Welcome to our very first of many #hairohaircrush blog posts!
Every week we will be showcasing our hair crushes to get you inspired when it comes to those bad hair days! The first week saw us crushing on blogger Priya Gogna and her gorgeous hair and we wanted to take the opportunity to find out a little more.

Introduce yourself.
"I'm Priya Gogna! I’m currently a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and a fashion student at Nottingham Trent!"

How did you get into blogging?
"I've always had a thing for writing, so I started on my own and then progressed it further when I started uni as I had a lot more to blog about. I try to make sure my blog differentiates from others, by adding more personal content and ensuring it's in my own tone of voice, expresses my opinion clearly and visually. I am always honest, so I’ll never post something I'm not sure about. I like to get in contact with designers so I always have amazing fresh faced collab with new and young designers/artists!"

What else do you get up to away from your blog?
"I do a lot of styling or assisting photo shoots. I currently work for a vegan brand called Kohl Kreatives, where we provide beauty workshops with a range of clients and the money contributes to charity. We help regain features of clients who have lost someone through an illnesses, helping to restore confidence in themselves! I predominantly handle their social media along with other roles within the team."

We love your hair! How do you maintain the fab length and shine?
"I tend to use a lot of natural oils on my hair. I only like natural oils because I hate using any harsh chemicals on my hair! At the minute I uses natural hair thickening and nourishing oils. I also try not to overly wash it because I know that weakens it and I only use conditioner twice a week rather than 4/5 times."

Who is your hair crush?
"My current hair crush is Michelle Keegan! She suits any colour hair and her natural brunette hair is so thick and glossy! I guess I look to her for inspiration, other than that I use platforms such as YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest as they have so many cute hair ideas that you can do from home and don't require many hair accessories!"

What is your go-to hair style?
"My general hair style is sleek and straight as I think it suits my portrait.'

How do you battle with a bad hair day?
"When I have a bad hair day, say it's greasy, I put it back into a sleek top knot or pony tail along with some killer bold makeup to complete the look! Other than that my hair is actually naturally curly so it stays thick that way, that’s when I go for a natural hair day and leave it down. I would spritz any nice smelling hair product on top before I leave so that my hair stays nice!"

Make sure to stay tuned, there will be more #hairohaircrush features to come soon, so watch this space! You can check out Priya’s blog here: https://priyagognablog.wordpress.com/