Lavoi Hair Elixir 50ml
Lavoi Hair Elixir 50ml
Lavoi Hair Elixir 50ml
Lavoi Hair Elixir 50ml

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Lavoi Hair Elixir 50ml

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Kam Lavoi is a accomplished hairdresser with over 18 years’ experience.

Applying techniques used to create the latest looks and keeping up with trends paired up with the trust and knowledge that can only a professional with years of experience can boast, Kam really does hold the entire deck with all thing’s hair!

As a firm believer in HAIR HEALTH, this collaboration was made to be. Kam has handpicked the key ingredients in her exclusive Botancial Hair Elixir to help you achieve naturally strong and glossy hair that you deserve!


Botanical Hair Elixir - a blend of natural plant and seed oils, including Guarana, Acerola Cherry, Camu Camu, Sea Buckthorn and Cranberry oils which are rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9.


Why Kam Choose Acrerola Cherry (Vitamin C) and Guarana


Acrerola oil is a powerful antioxidant that helps to absorb more Iron into the blood, which in turn promotes hair growth. It also works to hydrate the hair, prevents hair loss, revitalizes for keeping colour treated hair looking healthy. Guarana seeds are known to contain the highest natural dose of caffeine in the world, so With the help  - contains about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee seeds,, this stimulates the scalp to help absorb all these rich ingredients, which is incredibly important for healthy hair growth”




  • Contributes to the nourishment and conditioning of hair
  • Infused with Guarana – a natural stimulant to help healthy hair growth
  • Leaves hair looking shiny and lustrous
  • Works to strengthen hair
  • Easily absorbed
  • Smells insanely good!


How to use: Section hair into 6 and add a few drops to every section at the root. Rub the oil using your fingertips and then palm of your hand. Repeat this in all 6 sections and any excess hair oil to rub into the ends of your hair.